Carer Support

A stroke can happen at any age and not only affects the person who has a stroke but also the immediate family. Without warning, you can find yourself as a full time carer. Situations you might face as a carer could include:

  • Coming to terms with the shock and how you will cope
  • How you will care for someone who might be wheelchair bound or have no speech
  • Worry about further health problems for your partner or yourself
  • Change of role within the family dynamics
  • Financial implications and future security for your family
  • Lack of freedom or personal space for you
  • Lack of emotional support

ICARE can support our clients’ carers in the following ways:

One Step Forward Club

Sometimes you might need to meet other carers who understand the personal lack of space and others issues that can come with a stroke, and gain support from one another. The One Step Forward Club is a social club within ICARE, which meets twice a month (except January).
One to One support

Sometimes you may not feel comfortable talking to family or other carers about some of the issues you face. ICARE offers the chance to book an appointment with a member of staff to talk things through in confidence. Or we may be able to signpost you to specialist help.

Please contact us if you feel we can help you.