Physiotherapy with JLinks

JLinks are specialist physiotherapists employed by ICARE; established in 2016 between Jayne Steadman and Joanna Ward. The Partners are both extremely skilled and experienced clinical physiotherapist in the public and private sector. Jayne Steadman worked as a Consultant Physiotherapist in Neurology for many years within the NHS in the Bromley area. Both Jayne and Jo have completed a post graduate MSc both including Stroke and rehabilitation as part of these studies.

Since 2016, JLinks Physiotherapy has grown and is now a strong clinical team of Physiotherapist with a breadth of skills and knowledge across a wide clinical area of specialisms. Many of us specialise in neurology and Stroke. We all have a passion to offer clinical case management beyond just looking at Physiotherapy needs.

Over the last 2 years JLinks Physiotherapy have been the resident Physiotherapists at Icare. We were delighted to be asked to work in partnership with the Charity. This allows us to fulfil our passion and extend Stroke Rehabilitation to be part of life and not something which stops at a given time. Icare have the benefit of a variety of our team members completing sessions throughout the week.

The Physiotherapy which we provide at Icare is generally in a group. However we are mindful of being a resource to people attending Icare and where needed we will always strive to find the time to work with an individual. This might be looking at a new splint, helping to signpost to another service, assessing pain, working on a new skill or working with the Icare team to assist people to move in the best and safest way.

Our aims at Icare are to engage as many people in activity and exercise. Everyone should participate in exercise throughout life. Participating in regular exercise as part of life after having a stroke can be challenging. This is where we want to help Stroke Survivors by making rehabilitation and exercise participation life long.

Further information about JLinks services are available on their website

Speech and Language Therapy

Eleanor Woodward is a qualified Speech & Language Therapist and works at the Day Centre twice a week. Since qualifying in 2003, Eleanor has specialised in communication impairments following acquired neurological conditions such as stroke.

Communication difficulties can affect many aspects of a person’s wellbeing, Eleanor recognises this and uses a holistic as well as a psychological approach which runs through her therapy.

Eleanor will assess clients with communication difficulties following their stroke and can offer:

  • Support, advice and signposting where appropriate.
  • A block of weekly 1:1 therapy sessions.
  • Small group therapy where possible.

Communication impairments following stroke can result in difficulties with:

  • Finding the right words.
  • Reading or writing.
  • Conversations in groups or when speaking 1:1.
  • Understanding the meaning behind what others are saying.

These difficulties commonly have an impact on:

  • Self identity due to changes in your ‘role’ or ‘status’.
  • Mood and emotional changes.

You can decide which areas you would most like to work on and together set goals to work towards.

To find out more information or to contact Eleanor directly you can visit her website at: